1. Cock Dr

    Although I am loathe to discourage the blogger from posting pics of fit bare chested men, can I be blamed for hoping that he would aim higher in the celebrity pecking order?
    This is just some random guy.

    • Satan's bitch

      Oh no, dear, not just some random guy, the kid from Jerry Maguire. The cutest and most talented of the 3 main characters… (That’s not counting Cuba Gooding Jr who was, let’s just say it, HAWT HAWT HAWT in that film.)

  2. He was an adorable little kid…I loved his cheeky smile! SO not diggin him as an adult though.I wonder if he still has a lisp..?

    He really is just some random guy now.I mean,if you saw him in the street,it would be impossible to recognise him,even though he is still the same hight as he was 20 years ago.
    Maybe if he put his little round glasses on…Like Clark Kent,remember? His amazing disguise was his glasses.No one ever recognised him once he took his glasses off.

    Maybe if he put them on,people would be like “Oh yeah,its Stuart littles little brother!”.

  3. it had to be said

    Why do I want grape juice all of a sudden?

  4. Is that the star of gayness?

  5. licialicia

    This kid does drugs. He’s got that look in his eye. Meth, roids…..SUMTHIN’. Guaranteed.

  6. Sweet Jesus…..He’s a Jew.

  7. Keeser

    if he comes with a little mouse im in :D !!

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