1. I do believe little Jonah is sporting a bit of a halfsie in this picture.

  2. Mohawk Disco

    Not that there aren’t already a 100 things wrong with Jonah Hill but at least he could have found a decent tie. That would make it 99.

  3. Deacon Jones

    “Haha!! Im an actor now, amiright?! Seriously, bro, bro…c’mon”

    “Not even close. And why do your legs always look like that?”

  4. CrashHell

    I’m not wearing a thong! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

    I’m just kidding, it’s a thong…

  5. StaPuft Overlord

    “That’ll do pig,”

  6. StaPuft Overlord

    “That’ll do, Pig.”

  7. alexxx3488

    Ultimate hover hand.

  8. “Jonah, You’re pussy repellent…Go away!”

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