1. Phaid

    For his sake, I really hope that is NOT his penis.

  2. FattyMcGee

    How in the hell did he get the frank below the beans?

  3. LG

    He should change his name to Sausage!

  4. Pip pip cheery-o

    “Sir, can I get you a wheelbarrow?”

  5. your mom

    Jesus! What’s going on with his balls?? That can’t be healthy…

  6. Geenie

    EW!! His balls are hanging REALLY low? How old is he? 70?

  7. I call this one “Hamm and eggs”.

  8. seriouslynow

    Whose balls don’t hang halfway down their leg?

  9. Hal85

    That looks uncomfortable.

  10. omahahaha

    Prop gone wrong.

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