1. 1. F11 key
    2. Ctrl and + key – keep pressing the + key

  2. jayzus h christ…. why isn’t he in a full frontal nude scene for us ladies to feast our eyes on?

    BTW, ty puss in toots.

  3. Deidre

    Why don’t I have this guy’s number?!

  4. Blech

    I’m going to pretend I wasn’t here…

  5. Invitee

    Ugh Circumsized SOB

  6. Keno

    Fake! The shadows are all wrong.

  7. James Peters

    OK that is totally Photoshop. It’s not like these people do not have enough money or the massive egos to influence a photo. “Hey agent man, all these bitches that I have fucked are making fun of my small penis, we need to get a “paparazzi” to snap a pic of my dick in an inconspicuous way” Agent snaps his fingers; “I got it, why don’t we have them get a pic of you walking and we will with the magic of computers add in a nice outline of a massage sausage. That will kill these harsh Hollywood rumors.” How is it you can see the penis, and the balls, as if there were no pants there, this photo does not even look right, has fake all over it.

  8. jubjub73

    Gotta love the “Its Fake” comments, by the dudes with tiny peckers…

  9. Edg

    You made my Day with this scrumptious photo Damn His cock seems to measure 7 inches at least, damn He’s the most perfect man in the whole milkyway, the problem is that I gotta keep that bitch of Jennifer Westfeld apart from him (reading Ninja Murder Tactics).

  10. magoddess

    I see balls…not sure what other people are, um, missing. This picture may, in fact, cause a pussy riot…just sayin’…

  11. magoddess

    P.S. Nobody is commenting on the fact that you can just as clearly see his wallet in his pocket….doubt they’d “plant” that there…

  12. Fishballs

    I hope he’s just a shower and not a grower, or dat bitch gon’ get tore up!

  13. I didn’t know Hamm is a Jewish name.

  14. Yummy

    Yes, please.

  15. mimi

    ,Oh Sscott Disick eat your heart out

  16. bingo


  17. MMMMKayyy

    That effect isn’t hard to create, it just takes two things:

    1) no underwear

    2) pull your pants up high enough so that all your junk is in one leg, if done properly it’s hard NOT to get this effect while walking.

  18. dre

    Jon please come see me. I would love to take good care of that cock. I got the right mouth and azz for you stud.

  19. dre

    Jon is hot, sexy, nice package, and I bet he’s good in bed.. I really would love to meet him…

  20. AnnaD.

    Wow I can see the whole thing. He could be walking around butt-naked & it’d make no difference.

  21. either way I bet the people at Barney s loved watching him walk by. Myself I would be so happy in helping try on anything that requires him remove his pants, yummy

  22. Looks just like my husband. Yes, I’m a lucky lady!

  23. James

    I’d suck him dry & swallow all his love juice & I’m a guy.

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