1. Zorbitor

    This used to be THE look in the 1970′s. Whatta decade!

  2. YTBOY

    Nice, VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rican

    Zoom works great on this one.

  4. neo


  5. Candee

    I have no problem with her shirt Those are some nice tittys. Just hope Kim ‘Moo” Kardashin doesn’t try this look.

  6. SuperJ

    Look at me. Look at Me. Look At Me. LOOK At Me. LOOK AT Me. LOOK AT ME!!!!!!

  7. anonym

    what’s so special about this bitch?

    her face doesn’t look that great.

  8. Thanks for the semi at work.

  9. NG

    I got a tinkle in my weiner.

  10. Rude

    Damn she’s fat.

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