1. Inner Retard

    She asked me to date her but had to refuse. Shut up! That’s how it happened. Look, it’s either this or jerking off until my dick falls off and, frankly, I’m running out of lotion.

  2. Here is wisdom

    Its too bad she’s such a bitch, because DAMN she’s hot! But then again, she has to be…thats how it works. If she weren’t a vagosaur, it would seem unacceptable for me to tell her “Shut the fuck up and climb back on my cock”.

  3. punk

    I think her face looksl ike a dude.

  4. CuriousTroll

    She has “old white lady who’s had work done” face.

  5. slj104

    Her + Kate Upton = My fantasy gay threesome

  6. Scott Disick's Love Child


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