1. CK

    All the stretchy clothes in the world won’t help her look thin.

  2. Joe

    She really needs to have the gym come to her house.

  3. Jessica Blimpson

  4. She looks like she’s wearing one of Eddie Murphy’s fat suits.

  5. MF

    Sweet mother of God!

  6. Wow, I saw her a month ago in pictures and she looked thinner, now she looks even bigger than she did right after the baby o_O Jesus, woman. No more cream pie for you!

  7. RosaT

    She looks like shes having a genuinely hard time adjusting to motherhood. Her roots have grown out, her weave looks really ratty and she has stains on her clothes. Name one new mother that doesnt look exactly like this.

    Alessandra Ambrosio.

    Damn! My brain just betrayed me…

  8. mike

    THATS NOT EVEN HER…its just some fat woman made to look similar to jess so when we see jess next time she will be all thin and we will be like omg wow…this isnt her.

  9. vgrly

    Those boobs are wrecked for life. Looks like she will go under the knife again.

  10. vgrly


    Can’t believe no one has said this yet?

  11. Shitz

    What in the hell is this woman going to accomplish at a gym? Are they running low on medicine balls or something?

  12. That is the face of someone who was told they were going to The Sizzler only to arrive at the gym of disappointment… I do the same thing with my Labrador retriever and trips to the vet.

  13. disillusionisreal

    Wow. I’m exhausted just watching her get out of that vehicle!

  14. Seriously. Home treadmill. Much better idea…

  15. Don’t make her angry! You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

    Jesus tapdancing christ the bitch is huge

  16. Kelly

    you are all so perfect and wonderful , i bet after you had babies you lost the weight in 2 weeks like Heidi Klum. I think she looks like a new mom, not a superstar. Its nice to see Normal in the Celeb world. Give it a break already w the fat comments. Shes human, remember that.

  17. Mickey01232000


  18. Mama Pinkus

    she was pregnant for what, two years? It will take some time to ditch weight.

  19. That was a lob

    Your move Kirstie Alley.

  20. renzomatic

    “Ohhh Nooo, they say it’s got to go! Go Go GODZILLA!”

  21. like the big jugs

    yummy milk jugs
    i want sum of them
    suck the titty more milk mommy

  22. Carolyn

    If nothing else she should get some help for that hair! And no, not all new mothers are this much of a mess.

  23. Quijibo

    Sweet Black Baby Jesus.

  24. KC

    Beware of her event horizon, lest you be sucked in forever.

  25. Nick

    Oh my God. OH MY GOD. OH my GOD. Oh my God. Oh My God. So hot in Dukes of Hazzard. OH MY GOD. Therapy. I need therapy. I CAN’T UNSEE THIS. Pour acid into my eyes!!! I am crying. CRYING. weeping. no this can’t be so.

  26. ksu-cat

    Wow! Kirstie’s really let herself go this time….. Wait…who is that?

  27. Stranger

    My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

  28. Gus

    Love those MASSIVE tits Tho!!!!!

  29. She’s hot…always will be. Don’t be a bunch of computer desk knuckle-pumpers.
    She had a kid…wait for it…..

    • Laney

      Nice try, troll. She hasn’t been hot for over five years. Just kinda fat, definitely fat, and now OBSESE.

      Bottom line folks – You can’t be FAT and SEXY at the SAME TIME.

  30. judd


  31. fvalen001

    Her daisy dukes just got up, and ran out of her closet. “Noooo fucking way!!!”

  32. I weep for the future

    If your mothers saw how you turned out, you wouldn’t be here to make stupid remarks about a mother. What a bunch of dumbasses

    • Actually my mom is not bad looking. Shes in her 50s and looks better than that fat ass that weighed close to 200 lbs. Are u imbred or just fat? Either way its cool.

  33. TheTrooffairy

    Who let the dog out?! Who….who….who, who?!?!

  34. NE1

    She’s lost weight? She’s bigger than she was when she was pregnant! Here’s hoping she keeps gaining so she can do another reality show about being morbidly obese.

  35. Daniel Rubio


  36. She is huge. I remember when I was younger being jealous of this fat whore for having big tits. now I am 110 lbs at 5’3 with big B cups. Everything this skank has can be bought- her lip injections, boobs, ass, weave, highlights, of course the cow forgot the lipo. I hate this bitch, always have. Her baby girl is ugly and a disgrace to America. Shannon McIntire google it

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