1. So, Mr. Superficial, your parents were conservative and mean, mama beat you up, so therefore you make yourself feel better by making fun of women’s bodies all day long? I’m a woman, and I’m tired of reading this shit on your site. What a shitty world for girls to grow up in. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but geez… You seem like a smartish guy, you are reasonably funny. You don’t need to trash women’s appearances constantly to maintain/gain readership. You don’t need to turn phoney nice either. Also, FYI, Clint Eastwood is a douchebag and there is something wrong with Leonardo dicaprios face. Bloat.

  2. KMan

    What did you expect from the name of the website? I mean, really. Perhaps you should look up the definition of the word “superficial”, Martha Bloat Bag. If you’re “tired of reading this shit”, then why are you still here? Go eat some potato chips and leave it alone.

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