1. El Gordito

    WHAAAA!!!! I’ve been waiting for these all my life.

  2. your mama

    those pics are legit… i compared the moles on her rib and above her belly button to candid bikini photos and that is really her!!

  3. disappointedButStillGood

    I have been waiting to see those tits since Idle Hands and she almost got smushed in shop class. Not the way I was wanting to see, but will do until her career goes further south and has to start stripping to get a role.

  4. burton

    she is ugly, sorry looks like every other skinny bitch latina

  5. J

    I’m guessing that the pics of her belly are either from when she was pregnant last time or she’s pregnant again. They’re belly-shots… all women do that when they start to show but aren’t the size of a house.

  6. hmm

    are these pictures suppose to have been taken at the same time? the pictures with her face have a white shirt… the ones without her face have a grey shirt.

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