1. G

    I don’t get the hate. Everything she said was true. Sure, you love your kids but things really do just hang differently afterwards, unless you’re Giselle. Or Miranda Kerr.

  2. erika

    I am not Giselle and I am a lot thinner now than I was before I had my baby…. 1 year ago.

    It´s called breastfeading and taking care of your own baby instead of paying soemone else to

    never dieted in my life
    being a mom is the best work out ever

  3. bassackwards

    Well, if we are all lucky, the hate will consume her, and she’ll …..

    and maybe, if we’re lucky, she’ll drink heavily and take some little pills to help easy the pain….

  4. Denmark

    Wow…that is sexism…bordering on all out misogyny. She made a good-natured joke that I took to be complimenting Gisele and that can get turned into catty female hatred because women don’t care about anything but getting a man and being prettier than other women? (Somehow I’ve found the time to go to university, develop hobbies, travel, volunteer with handicap kids, and have lots of sex that didn’t involve rectifying my bad self-esteem or trying to catch a man. Some of us live our lives as complete, self-confident people, not vapid female stereotypes desperate to be sexually attractive) Also somehow you have intimate knowledge that she tricked someone into marrying her by purposefully getting pregnant? How like a woman!

    I realize your audience consists of a veritable Whitman’s Sampler of all the lowest forms of humanity the internet has to offer and people who cling to racism and sexism because they need some reassurance that they are better than someone else despite never having accomplished anything of significance in their life. I also realize these retards pay your bills, but I did appreciate this site at one time for having the balls to not pander to that shit and actually acknowledge moronic sexism where it existed in the same way it calls out racism and homophobia occasionally. The joke used to BE sexism, but super disappointed to see misogyny is now what’s funny here too. Prejudice jokes are cheap humor and really not funny just on a comedy level. I’ll laugh at the worst sexist joke when the joke is obviously ironic. Come on, man. I’m not expecting you to change these mouthbreathers minds, just not encourage them. That shit actually does real damage to how women think of themselves. It’s degrading. I was legitimately impressed by you calling out people who support Ben Rothlisberger. Your humor is pretty damn smart. I can tell you know better and actually have a brain unlike most your commenters, please don’t encourage prejudice. It just perpetuates everything lame in the world, y’know?

    Oh and to save time, I’ll pre-respond to the inevitable flood of knuckledraggers that are going to “TL;DR”, call me an ugly dyke, and/or tell me to suck their dick/get back in the kitchen and chortle and derp to themselves over their stinging wit. This is my response to you: You are an idiot and that must suck a lot. Good luck!

    • Whoa! What’s with the wall of text lady. Jeez…

    • Hershey

      Totally agree with everything said here. It’s kind of horrifying to think about the number of girls who read site, and what some of the comments written must do to their self-esteem. I think the majority of the people who comment here have no idea just how devastating or insanely degrading their words can be. And it sucks that these people think they’re being just HILARIOUS.
      I do find this site entertaining, but I think it can go too far sometimes.

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