1. Toe Jam

    Photoshop must have billowed smoke, and shut down several times, with as much touch up going on here.

  2. nadsak

    Looking mighty fine, but I do suspect some PSing going on.

  3. Maximus Penetredius

    I would still hit that tho.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    I can’t jerk-off to this! It’s cearly fake! Now, if you’ll excse me, I’ll be ogling photos of Courtney Stodden. She’s a natural beauty!

  5. Inner Retard

    Tired of photoshop. Soon people won’t even remember what the opposite sex or just a human being really looks like.

  6. PtC

    I dunno, though I’m sure it’s photoshopped, it doesn’t look all that far off from the screenshots of her horrible video.

  7. After watching the video, I have to say there’s probably not much photoshop. Well done, JLH.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Part of my wife’s job is “retouching” pictures just like this for a couple hair products in these shithole magazines.

    I always laugh so hard when she lets me click the before/after images that go into the ads. They are hilarious.

  9. richie

    mos def PS – too smoov.

  10. Brian

    Wow! The Liquify Tool in the latest version of Photoshop really works well! Kudos to the Graphic Artist who did the retouching but they didn’t tweak the shadow on her left side very well. (Between her left arm an torso.) You can see a few bits that don’t match up exactly.

  11. Erving of Irving

    The face doesn’t even look like her. Embarrasing.

    • Toe Jam

      I agree. It’s like they used up all the Photoshop technology on her body. Some assistant said, “what about the face?”. “Nah, we dont have that kind of time on our hands.” Just a real bad rushed photoshop.

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