1. honest abe

    If that’s the best she can do with an arm pit, just imagine how nasty that crack looks!

  2. crys

    what the hell is going on with her pits

  3. Ringooo is Germish

    Who cares … I’d lick it anyway! Even further south …

  4. BangBang

    wth is on her armpits….

  5. Chell29

    Stop being Hate Her cuz Mz Jennifer is still hott & love her show!!!

  6. Tom's Mommy

    yuck, saggy tittied pit stink!

  7. TruthHurts

    She’s hotter than any woman any of you complainers have been with, pits or no pits.

    • honest abe

      I have banged girls as hot as her- but yes, I would still tongue punch her bunghole if given a chance. None of this changes how funky her pit is! Remember, she choose to walk on some red carpet for cameras to take pics of her because she wanted to show off! Thus our comments on the funkyness of her gooey pits!

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