1. Fawks

    Oh Jen you are so silly… you don’t keep yourself hot AFTER you are dumped. You keep yourself in shape until the dumb shmuck has said “I do” and put a babby in you.

    Someone needs to explain to her, be a real a friend and tell it like it is. Someone also needs to inform her I am ready to put a ring on her finger and much baby-gel in her.

  2. Motorboat Captain

    I would hit it so hard whoever pulled me out would be crowned king of England.

    • Josephus

      How the hell was this not in the weekly roundup?!? It might be the best comment ever made on this site. Kudos, and my apologies for only seeing it 10 days later. Obviously, I came back for the tits, but the one thing I’ll remember…well, it’s the tits. But nice job.

  3. Probably the only time I’ve wished for a “View Life Sized” option on a JLH picture.

  4. slappy magoo

    She looks like even she can’t stop looking down at ‘em.

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