1. AnonForgives

    aw, leave her alone. its not fantastic or anything, but its a cute enough butt!

  2. Daniel

    She’s got normal flat white girl ass. Nothing unusual.

    • chad

      With how big some black girl butts are it is gross. Nicki Minaj is just gross and her ass look stupid. Anyone with an ass that big doesn’t look good. I don’t even like Kim Kardashian because it is that big. Well that and the fact she is not that good looking to begin with. Kourtney is better. Yes I know the Kardashians aren’t black but Nicki is and looks stupid with an ass that big.

    • You mean a normal flat black/hispanic girl butt. white girls clearly have the best ones, small and usually round and toned, not the size of a dumpster or wide and flat like jenny up here. you guys need taste. btw, Asians are hot.

  3. No Standards

    Flat butt. Oh well, she makes up for it with everything else she’s got going on.

  4. anonymous

    Looks great to me. You can keep Kardashian–I’ll take her.

  5. Perfectly wreckable ass. She’s got a tight little body on her.

  6. richie

    works for me. front’s pretty darn good too.

  7. Toe Jam

    You guys are nuts, or border line gay…that ass may lose a few points, but it’s attached to the most beautiful girl. To quote Sir Mix A lot…

    Some brothers wanna play that hard role
    And tell you that the butt aint gold
    So they toss it, and leave it, and I pull up quick to retrieve it

  8. Shemp

    I generally prefer chicks with bigger hips & asses than Jennifer Lawrence has. That having been said, I saw Silver Linings Playbook yesterday, and for a smaller girl she really does have a nice bottom. Cut her some slack…

    • smaller girls always have nicer butts, obviously, but she is not one of them, nor is she small. her hips arent big ENOUGH? lol what is big enough for you, Kartrashian size?

  9. Edvard Munch

    Hmm, not impressive.

  10. Skeeter

    I’d like her ass to be planted squarely on my face.

  11. some black guy

    lovely. shes beautiful

  12. joe

    i’d sniff it.

  13. Mzuark

    That is disappointing.

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