1. Deacon Jones

    Uh, what exactly is occurring here with her face?

  2. JC

    Now we know what it would look like if a human and a Cabbage Patch Kid mated.

  3. noodles

    looks like Tom’s minders have been slapping her around – nasty swelling

  4. vandinz

    Is she storing nuts for winter in them cheeks?

  5. Wow, that’s a chubby face. Never got rid of that baby fat , did you?

  6. Mama Pinkus

    Something is not right with that face – it looks like a Thanksgiving Day Macy’s Parade balloon

  7. Tom Cruise can have that fixed – To look more male.

  8. Sliver

    So am I to assume Malin got the looks in that family?

  9. Fishballs

    Seriously, is this the best Xenu conjure up for his most loyal disciple?

  10. She’s even had a nose job and she’s still fugly.

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