1. Gin&Tonic

    seems awfully smiley for a washed up divorcee whose flipping us off with her creepy claw hands…

  2. donkeylicks

    I remember this episode! Noah is about to about to drunk drive again.

  3. qwerty

    It’s just not cool anymore to give the camera a dirty finger.

  4. Ana

    Is that Hyde in the background??

  5. The Royal Penis

    Jesus, look at that gnarled hand.

    It looks like a dead branch from a 100 year old oak. For Christ’s sake put it away and just tell us to fuck off.

  6. EmT

    There’s always Wilmer Valderama and Danny Masterson in the background saying it all with their obscurity.

  7. Troll's Nighmare

    Is she full of herself? I can never tell. I always confuse arrogance with condescension… or was it bitchiness.

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