1. drama

    Boring go kill urself wit ur clothes u whore!

  2. geraldine

    hi there Kim, i love your whole family. I love da way you sisters get along, i wish i had sisters like you girls. I never miss your shows, is it true you guyz are coming to south africa? Love you all

  3. scottlarock

    What u fly girls r doin is a great thing for the kidz.I watch your show every week. Y’all are the 3 beautifullest sister’s I’ve ever seen.if u ever in ny holla at the kidd.muahz all ova.yes all ova;*

  4. Leah

    Helllooooo kim :) i would love you to do your next project on hair to maybe hair exstentions or somethink i dunno but im sure it would be amazing :D x

  5. tina

    Hi Kim I’m one of your biggest fans I love watching ur shows I have never met a celebrity ever before I one day would love to meet u I would love to have all ur looks I see u as my idol even though I’m a little older than u I’m 32

  6. tom

    WTF are those comments just above?

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