1. BP

    MILF Alert!

  2. okiedokie

    awww her son is so cute

  3. Jam

    Fab body! Great thighs!

  4. HortonHearsABoob

    Nice “fat guy” hat, kid. Wife beater is a nice touch too.

    (BTW, are those, like, the “Latino uniform” or something? Every hispanic guy I know…..giant collection of fat guy hats.)

  5. turd da third

    gravity is setting in…..

  6. angerinside

    If someone would confirm that she shakes her tits and quivers her ass when she gets really angry, I would willingly drive to her house and punch her cat in front of her.

  7. toe jam

    I want to flambé her thighs with my tongue. So is soooo damn hot!

  8. Shemp

    THAT is a nice ass. And tummy. Nice legs, too.

    The face, however, has scared me since Ringmaster…

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