1. Brenda


  2. mtv

    Just checked out, being the whole creators of Jackass and all. Nothing. Not a mention anywhere. Not a fuck was given that day.

  3. jlowejd5

    That’s not Adam Richman from Man vs. Food, is it?

  4. amy

    this is an old photo.. not from sunday night!

  5. oi

    Drunk assholes? Three hours earlier on twitter there is a picture of a guy holding/pointing at a full drink in his hand, now hes dead and your calling him a drunk asshole. The guy is fuckin dead, show some respect like you do when other people die

  6. Al

    What is wrong with you???? Show some respect! I will no longer be visiting this website after that comment.

  7. Always say cunt

    Yep. You gone and overdun it, microfish.

    Ryan Dunn entertained us, and deserves some friggin’ respect.

    • keira

      but the superficial is right when he calls him a drunk asshole. And he’s right with his words, that only Ryan and his pal were hurt, instead of bystanding persons who could have been hurt also.

      YOU ARE A DRUNK ASSHOLE IF YOU DRINK AND DRIVE LATER ON!!!! you risk other peoples lifes too. that’s it.

  8. steve e

    At least Man Vs food guy didnt get in the car… I think he will go from an obesity related problem.

  9. liel

    fuck u pussies talken shit about ryan if i knew who u are id kick u n the balls or infested vagina!

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