1. Eric

    Nice ass, Brit!

  2. what a body!!! holy christ…


  3. Jealous

    Okay, seriously Britney, if you’re reading this, PLEASE reveal how you got that ass.

    • MrsEllis

      Exercise, lazy….

      • Jealous

        HA! Clever solution, Mrs. Ellis. Never occurred to me. However, like most women afflicted with white-girl-ass, I meant that I needed some specific techniques.

    • Janice

      Honestly, why would Britney Spears be reading this website? Isn’t the whole ‘reading’ part a dead giveaway… Guess you got a white-girl-brain too.

  4. Racer X

    Dat ass!!!

  5. You had me at berkini…

  6. Jack S

    that ass asks for a rimjob

  7. Corey

    I’ve always liked Britney Spears’ sexy butt. She looks really, really beautiful in any bikini!!

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