1. M-theory

    Topless should = visible nipples or at the very least some underboob

  2. Which one is the “topless” picture? If it’s this one, the internet is officially filled with LIES!

    Calling a photo “topless” because you can’t see if she’s wearing a top or not, is like saying “Lindsay Lohan was photographed after shitting her pants” because well, you can’t see that she DIDN’T shit her pants. Ok, bad example….that probably did happen.

  3. coljack

    If this is a topless photo, would a photo of her bare feet count as a nude shot?

  4. This is the furthest shit from topless I have ever seen.

  5. She really is quite stunning. She looks too immature right now, but in a few years she could surpass her mom, who was SMOKING fucking hot in her day.

  6. And, yes, calling this a topless shot is kind of ridiculous.

  7. Why would you lie to me, Fish? What did I do wrong?

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