1. Rich, blonde and hot. Life is going to be so hard for her.

  2. adamcagey

    She doesn’t look like an inconsiderate little pig to me.

  3. cc

    Textbook example of looking sexy as hell and still being fully clothed.

  4. She’s beautiful. Let’s hope she follows her mother’s lead and gets naked a lot.

  5. momo

    shes ok
    nothing special
    well maybe if you like alec

  6. yowza

    Wow. She rocks. And quite possibly the best argument I’ve ever seen in favor of skinny jeans, which most often turn into a fashion nightmare.

  7. Steve

    Look at her standing there all smug like she owns the place. What a thoughtless little pig!!

  8. She looks arrogant as hell.

  9. Gordon


  10. But guys, she looks so natural and unaffected. That pose! It’s like she’s just relaxed, waiting for her luggage at the airport (with sunglasses on, dressed like a hipster, sticking her ridiculous wooty out – for comfort/casual stretching?). Bet she’s totes low maitenance.

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