1. absinthe

    her body may be good, but that’s the result of a LOT of surgery, and let’s not even talk about those repulsive tits

    • opinion

      Thats the thing, look her ITG is starting to close in. Sign of her getting fatter. She is on the brink of chubbying out. You can tell by her face.

  2. Sad Panda.

    Have you noticed how she barely even smiles anymore, after she turned herself into a plastic doll?

    And even if she does, you can still see sadness in her eyes.

    I wonder what the fuck is going on…

  3. Weird Al

    She’s looking a bit better around the face now that the swelling has gone gone. Now she only looks like a semi-bimbo – except for the watermelons, of course.

  4. lol

    Even the haters think this woman’s body is perfect (minus the balloonies of course). She has perfect shape, legs, abs, arms, ass. Shame about the donkey face though.

  5. kjkjlj

    her face is lookin a lot better. and that bod is great. she just needs to get more realistic lookin boobs. has a little too much makeup tho.

  6. Tyler

    I need to see her naked. Don’t let me down, Fish. I know you’ve got this.

  7. isa

    why is she looking good?

  8. douchus

    i thought she wore little bandaid things on her nose when she was alone at home – oops

  9. Woofus

    Anyone who thinks she doesn’t look good is drinking Haterade and eating Hatertots. She is essentially perfect now, which is probably a little repulsive in itself. It’s a shame she can’t fix what is on the inside, and get a new husband though.

  10. Rabbit

    I’d give a nut to fuck her just once…

  11. Bored with life

    I’d reopen her tit surgery scars and then fuck her gaping wounds….

  12. aedeoiad

    i hate myself for what i want to do to those tits.

  13. anonym

    her face is fucked up.

    I’d rather look at the other clown Courtney stodden

  14. opinion

    I think she is at the tipping point of becoming fat. Then again, what do I know, I keep claiming Kim Kardashian is fat, no one believes me.

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