1. Inner Retard

    Hey, Seal! Suck it… no longer you can!

  2. contusion

    One day they are in…the next they are out.

  3. KV

    Heidi Heidi, ich glaube die ganze Welt hat verstanden das du wieder ledig bist. Nicht schön, nicht schön !

  4. bingo

    Wait, these are new, right?

  5. Ken

    Jesus Horatio Christ.



  7. Toe Jam

    USS MOTOR BOAT. Lets got for a 3 hour tour, and find Giligans Island.

  8. HarryPotter

    God, if I ever saw those beautiful, voluptuous tits in person- I’d have no choice but to blow my hot load down her throat.

  9. Lance

    That dude has nice tits!

  10. Mama Pinkus

    anyone else get the feeling this gal is in the midst of a severe midlife crisis?

  11. Ich bin ein boob lover!

  12. Guess who is hosting the sag(gy) awards?

  13. Nice tits. Too bad she’s wasting them on her bodyguard.

  14. Wow, so classy. Mutton, lamb, etc.

  15. Freebie

    Hanging low

  16. Petey

    Damn her face looks so old and haggard and that hair is horrible, but from the neck down – not baaaaad.

  17. Subtle. You might not be able to tell, but this is a middle aged woman on the prowl for her next wealthy husband. You have to be trained to notice the signs.

  18. “The dame was an East German spy. Went by the name of Cookiecups Pukeface. Things were about to get in-ter-es-tink…”

  19. Fugly She over the Hill rolling down!

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