1. Deacon Jones

    Wow. I recognize that smile.

    I dated two women that used to smile like that.

    That’s the ” I’m overly eager for sexual approval because Uncle Larry used to touch me down there and/or my daddy was never around for me so I’ll do anything in my undying quest for male attention” smile.

    Steer clear of these kind of women, friends. Or else next thing you know, you’ll be married to a whore and she’ll be banging ex-80s wrestling superstars on those sheets from IKEA you both picked out together.

  2. Ol switcharoo

    To me, why would you want your “out of your league” wife banging Hulk. Sponge is lucky she even wanted to touch him in the first place. What whores will do for money.
    P.S. Deacon is on the right track about the smile

  3. lawn

    Heather’s fake boobs are nearly as big as Hulkster’s fake boobs.

  4. Wild Hogs Can't Be Broken

    She kinda looks like that cunt that killed her daughter and got away with it.

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