1. Ol switcharoo

    How could you even do that? I’m sure she prefers an old Hulk to that ball of lard but eww! Knowing your wife’s breath smells like Hogans dick. Barf!

  2. Put It In

    Both of them have a face for radio. What an ugly, stupid smile on her. Almost as ugly as that Lohan chick.

  3. Stewie Griffin

    Bubba is a cuckold

  4. Alpo

    A poster for celibacy if I ever saw one.

  5. *cough*whore*cough*

  6. Mike

    this whore is nasty, she needs tobe dumped in a dumpster like a proper hooker. shes a roach, gross.

  7. Since when is Hulk Hogan a big celebrity?

  8. beth ostrosky

    you should this whore without her implants…flat ugly dude

  9. rocco

    that is what happens when you get with a whore she bangs your friends …

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