1. DeucePickle

    This is bordering on what i like to call, “yuck-butt”

  2. Jiggolo

    The obvious inspiration for the name Goop.

  3. Cock Dr

    No matter how hard you work gravity always gets you in the end.

  4. milf

    You call this ass awesome? Really? Looks like it deflated. Time for the Kim K special.

  5. 15piecesofflare

    Now we have a good reason to call her ‘flap-jack’ again.

  6. Amir

    The little boy has a look on his face that says “Mommy please put on some clothes”…

  7. Curious Troll

    This can’t be her because her ass is made of everything perfect and supple on this Earth. Just ask her and the Huffington Post who sucks her vagina every day.

  8. zebop

    Umm….pancake ass.

    I’d hit it. With a bottle of syrup.

  9. Weights Chick

    This is what happens when you don’t lift weights and instead fall for some stupid gimmicky workout routine made up of rubber bands and cardio. She’s definitely, “skinny fat.”

  10. Giggity

    You could pick up a pencil with that thing.

  11. Tron

    Calm down haters – that ass is still do-able.

  12. Butthole Lover

    STank Ass.

  13. Party Wonky

    May my wife look 1/2 that good when she’s 40. Dear god we should all be so lucky.

  14. Joe Blow

    Kid: “I came out of THERE??? OMGZ!”

  15. That’s still doable on so many levels..

  16. rican

    I’ve done much worse, so yes, I would definitely fuck her.

  17. Mommy why does your ass look like chewed bubble gum ?

  18. The Pope

    Gwyneth should hire Kate Hudson to be her butt-double in real life.

  19. Teddy

    I think she may have swamp ass

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