1. Patti

    What a fugly dress

  2. The dress is hideous…but it takes attention off her busted face nicely.

    seriously, most beautiful? really?

  3. Name (Visible)

    If that dress is showing off what made her “most beautiful”, why’d they put her face on the cover?

  4. “Ahhh … a cool breeze!”

  5. She is beautiful and her body is slamming. It’s her personality I can’t stand.

    • I’ve always found her to be really quite attractive. But a great pair of natural breasts plus a little more meat on her legs would have made her totally unbelievable.

  6. chupacabra

    Trying too hard!

  7. Isabel

    where on earth did she get that dress?? The designer clearly hates her.
    Where did her boobs go?

  8. Wow, unflattering and tacky. The peplum makes her torso look boxy; the quilted white bib looks like an oven mitt and flattens her chest; and the sheer fabric + side seams on the skirt look cheap. Couldn’t she find something short and tight that does a better job of showing off her assets?

  9. More boobs, less bobblehead, please.

  10. Jesse

    designed by committee?

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