1. Oh look, the Lannisters went to the store.

  2. Can you ease up on your writing superficial? Apple… “blah, blah, blah” “because she’s a dike!”
    No you do not get to write this shit, ever. As a mother of a full grown lesbian daughter… you don’t get to label a little girl like that, and in labeling, also hurt other grown little girls. Which your writing does. Check it. Clean it up. Usually I like you better. But I will totally stop coming to your page (* and so will my minions) if you are gonna start breaking rules.
    “Fish Sticks” Paltrow should be left in peace to raise her kids. Nothing wrong with anyone shopping at toys r us… They have horrible prices… sure… but if you love your kids you let them go to the candy shop occasionally even if you’re gonna have to brush their teeth later. Again, SHAME ON YOU!

  3. Suddenly Chris, Gwyneth, and Apple realize other people could see them.

  4. tlmck

    Two adults, and two mini me’s.

  5. Booker Mustafa

    Family of Douche gets beaten in Toy R U parking lot…if only.

  6. Elton J.

    Damn good hair transplant. Jealous

  7. I bet they’re a family who get through a lot of toilet roll. Gold plated toilet roll obviously…

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