1. Matt Lauer

    A lot nicer than I expected.

  2. Louise

    wait I’m confused… where is this butt? I don’t see one.

  3. Bob

    Gwen works hard to maintain a nice ass because she’s heard from multiple sources that her husband’s really into that.

  4. Buddy The Elf

    Ya know, I cant stand this chick normally but props must be given for a VERY nice ass. Now go make me a sammich.

  5. Lord Invader

    Are you sure these photos weren’t taken in Maui? ‘Cause there’s a map of Hawaii on my screen. Oh, wait…

  6. Gwen, don’t tell Gavin, but I’m in love with your ass!

  7. InkyBlack

    I know it’s old, but…

    • Jane

      It’s, excuse me it’s?? F*ck, I’m sorry but you should learn grammar a bit and shut up about an amazing mother of two children and amazing singer. ugrr

      • Firstly, it was clearly a compliment (besides the ‘old’ bit, but age can be almost as subjective as beauty). Secondly, if you’re going to call someone on their “shitty” grammar, perhaps you should brush up on yours. Here’s a quick lesson:

        Its = possessive form (“Look at its ass!”)
        It’s = abbreviation of ‘it is’ (“Look at her ass, it’s fine!”

        You fucking moron. Go back to your No Doubt myspace page.

  8. Dr. Ike

    I’d love trying to shoehorn my penis into her butthole.

  9. Bob

    Whatever trainer got that ass back into that shape after two kids deserves a fucking gold medal of his own.

  10. Professor. What’s another word for pirate treasure?

  11. Damn, I would live in that ass. I’ve always liked this woman, but now she has a spot in my spank bank.

  12. Bob

    42… and BOOM

  13. lily

    i am IN LOVE with gwen! she looks awesome, she has not aged a day since the nineties. cant wait for the new album to come out!

  14. Harvey

    My only complaint is that there are no pictures of her anus. I imagine it’s glorious and worthy of a good licking.

  15. cgh

    Her body looks alot with Annette Schwarz’s. That’s great because now I can imagine Annette is Gwen when I’m watching her golden shower videos.

  16. Annys

    The paragon of undsetrnading these issues is right here!

  17. right

    Shes preg again. That ass is gone foreverer

  18. MicafoneChekah

    Buh-bye spectacular milf-ass (-_-)

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