1. Hugh G. Rection


  2. God! She’s so off-putting. Look at that shitty tattoo.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Put it back in its cage!

  4. Bright yellow was a bold choice to pair with the bold choice of showing that face in public.

  5. papastryfe

    Whoooo….lives in a pineapple under the sea?

  6. DirtyFighter

    “No, it’s not ok to ask me why I’m wearing a bright yellow tablecloth. That’s just part of being a special and gifted woman artist alive today….misogynist.”

  7. theres a reason the men in black are close by.

  8. Jesus, it’s like Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” fell into a vat of Heinz yellow mustard… and ate her way out of it.

  9. Corky

    I tink eyes n lurve. er ice should b closer gether dough.

  10. jim eh

    This makes me so happy because I hate her so much.

    Shitty show, she can;t write for shit and she’s that breed of jewish radfem, yuck.

  11. AtomicMountain

    Lena Dunham prefers photographers to shoot her gross side rather than her other gross side.

  12. I didn’t think it was possible for her to look worse dressed than naked, but here we are.

  13. rican

    She incorrectly attributes the her active sex life to her looks, without taking into account that men will pretty much fuck any woman that smiles back at them.

  14. AteIsEnough


  15. At least she managed to steal Ariel’s voice, so she didn’t have to leave the awards show empty-handed.

  16. Sometimes the canary in the cage meant for detection of radiation doesn’t die, it mutates into something far worse.

    • Owen Wilson

      Radiation? I’m pretty sure miners didn’t have to worry about radiation… Are you thinking of carbon monoxide? Or perhaps methane?

  17. Griefer

    She’s an inspiration to young women because 90% are better looking than her.

  18. phantom duck

    Geezus, didya rape a parakeet on your way to the awards show?

  19. Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

  20. Ironballs McGillicutty

    Therefore, you will… NARFTLE THE GARTHOK!

  21. Cliff

    There is not enough liquor and therapy in the world to undo that

  22. Mmmm…nothing completes a Golden Globes ensemble like shitty tattoos and back fat.

  23. Fugly has a new best friend!

  24. malaka

    those were all really funny. great job guys.

    i know i’m showing up late and my caption isn’t that ground breaking… but…

    the yellow grimace cannot be defeated. the yellow grimace cannot be killed. the yellow grimace is immortal. attacking it only makes it angry. and woe be unto those whom it identifies as food.

  25. sHANA


  26. …..what…..?!?

  27. D-chi

    You guys are kind of pathetic.

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