1. Mario Starr

    I could convert these two lipstick lesbos, no problem.

  2. neen

    they are just girls looking for attention, bet they aren’t even lesbians.

    • Thats generally how most girls are. “Claiming to be bi” in front of guys solely for attention. Most if not all women are attention whores.

      Both of these women are attractive, ask yourself this. Have you ever actually see an attractive lesbian couple where you wanted to plow both of them? The answer is probably no :P

      • The answer is very yes. I’m guessing you probably haven’t been around too many lesbians. They’re pretty much like any other demographic: some are ugly, some are ridiculous hot, most are somewhere in the middle at a reasonable level of attractiveness.

      • Rachel

        Well I actually am Bi and not for attention. Most young lesbians range from average, to pretty attractive, to ridiculously hot. I’ve seen a lot of lesbian couples where both were bangable. Yeah a lot of straight girls will kiss another girl for attention but I hate the idea that it means an attractive lesbian couple is OBVIOUSLY straight attention whores. Besides even if they were straight the point is they’re supporting a cause.

  3. thomas

    two whores looking for much needed attention. They got attention.

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