1. Oud

    she need a personal stylist fast. There are many way to ware sexy skimpy clothe with some class. Why she has to copy the look of street hookers. This is not sexy. This is sad.

  2. burton

    shes almost billion aire status and she dresses like a crack ho in detroit…a white one from a trailer park…where are her parents???
    she has NO class at all, men will just use her and then ignore her….thats what they call a fuck and chuck.

  3. WakkaWit

    Meh, she’s still a child… A child who considers herself a superstar woman with cash and ass who can do what ever she wants…

    She’s just being a dumb girl with misguided principals brought on by her fame and fortune. Hell what would any of us have done at that age if we had close to a billion in cash?

    Ruin my life in 3 years I would, (Drinking, Sex, Party, Boats and Tokes)

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