1. ThisWillHurt

    “Is my stupidity in frame?”

  2. CK

    Shitty movies go straight to DVD, shitty pornos go straight to PirateBay.

  3. Ruckus

    I liked BDTM:FOTR, and I am completely looking forward to BDTM:TT.

  4. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    I’ll take “Anal Sluts” for $10,000 Alex.

  5. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    And the question is, “Who is this stupid anal slut?”

  6. Swearin

    Nice leash, but no ball gag? S&M used to have standards…

  7. hehe

    god damn it. websites need a “block” list like FB and YT where you can blacklist names and never see any related content. Please file this crap wherever the jersey shore people finally got stored.

  8. coljack

    I watched the trailer, and I have to say: she looks like she’s enjoying herself. She doesn’t have that patent falsehood in her voice that most porn stars do when they’re telling their co-”star” things like “oh yeah, that feels so good” with a (totally warranted) look of utter boredom and cynicism. This despite the fact that she claims she doesn’t do porn. The only conclusion: she truly loves having sex or she’s completely crazy.*

    *These two things are not mutually exclusive.

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