1. Poor kid. Her mom’s a whore and her grandma’s an idiot. And I thought Kendall Jenner had zero chance for a normal life.

  2. karlito

    saw her on Dr. Phil last week.. what an idiot. she was trying so hard to be “cool” and “edgy’ and best of all…. innocent of any wrong doing. she blames everyone else for her mistakes. lied about her sex tape and lied about driving drunk. her parents sat there like two idiots and agreed with her.

    • The best part was her moronic father labelling James Deen as “abusive” for telling the media that he’d been paid to do the film, and his prime idiot of a daughter insisting she’d just made the tape as a “private” homage to capture how great she looks in the here and now. Here’s the 411, assholes: if you have to pay for someone’s cock to take part in your “private” video …uh….memoirs, then 1) it’s not exactly “private” and 2) it’s sure as hell not “abusive” if the person who owns said cock decides to talk about the experience.

      The absurd amount of enabling her dotingly moronic parents display explains a fuck of a lot. Her little kid hasn’t got a chance in hell with a self-entitled and accountability-allergic mother like this numb cunt.

  3. John Travolta

    Stupid. How the heck can I get a gig standing around lookin pertty and shit making 6 figures a year…?

  4. renotastic

    When you audition in a few years, make sure you cradle the balls, like this.

    • Weirdo

      Or… this is some of the shit that just dribbled out of Mommy’s gaping asshole, ooh all those little worms tickle!

  5. kim

    She waxes her daughters unibrow and will soon be waxing her arms, legs, and eventually her asshole so she can get into porn like her mom.

  6. Bringbackbabalu

    Hmm, the people sitting at home, watching Dr. Phil talk about enablers…get a job, and quit collecting money from the government…nobody with a job has ever watched Dr. Phil, or daytime t.v.

    • Enidaj

      Fuck you. I work full time and have been at the same job for the last 11 years and watch Dr. Phil. Fuck you and your judgemental ass.

  7. comfnumb

    I highly doubt vivid payed her a million,she was likely payed in the low double figures,vivid is saying they payed her a mil to hype the video sales,with nobody paying to watch porn anymore her video won’t even come close to selling a million dollars worth.
    if you believe she was payed that kind of money then I’d love to sell you a few things

  8. John Travolta

    What none of you realize is that her and that deen guy were simply using the media to play up hype for the video. They were probably always going to pay her a nice sum for the rights. Wake up already. None of this was real drama.

  9. RichPort

    By this time next year the IRS will be on her ass like Deen’s baby goop, for not paying her taxes… yea, she’s a dumb as a bag of hair.

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