1. Deacon Jones

    “Hey, put on some K.D. Lang or something, men are starting to stare at me.”

  2. Throjo

    I hope she’s not about to go full Lohan on us.

    • impossible. she’s didn’t drink a gallon of baby batter or have sex with a 1000 guys and girls. and she has no drug record. she had a rep of just studying for college which was a fail. not an epic fail but a fail. also she had a rep of going online and harassing her fans with lawsuits and one time baited fan to meet her then called the cops on him. Scottland Yard and WB was not amused by it . Now she would more likely be even posting here. Now we know it’s not McFeely Smackup. or do we.
      that is the sort of thing she would most likely do. which means she is worse than Lohan.

    • hr

      She’s in costume for a movie, it’s not like she dresses that way in real life

  3. yves

    She looks much better with long hair. But still needs some breast implants.

  4. dooood

    how do you do that thing where you put the scratch out line thru your text?

  5. Yeahitsme

    DAMN she got nice legs!

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