1. Mike Iksard

    Unwearable hideous crap, congrats on a horrible new look. What is the target audience, Blind Goth Hookers? Fashion is for idiots

    • zoomzoom


    • sara

      It’s not meant to be wearable. In fact, this won’t be available for sale to anyone. High fashion is meant to be art, the shows are performance art, and no one was ever intended to actually wear this outside of this show. So, way to fail at understanding pop culture.

  2. liz

    its not for sale its to be seen- its expression in art. that may sound pretentious but its true not everything is intended to be mass marketed for a mediocre sensibility.

    • Mike Iksard

      Let me get this straight…bedazzling old halloween props and hot glueing them to pantyhose is Art? Because if it is, my four year old daughter is a high fashion prodigy. Anyone who considers this atrocity art is high on Smug, and needs to pull it together.

  3. Joe

    I have a couple of porns with her in it….she has a nice Vag.

  4. liz

    art can be anything made with intention and expression. Its whatever it is. is open for judgment and rejection but its SMUG and arrogant to deny anything that someone creates as such just because you dont like it or agree with it.

  5. way superficial

    Fuck off! She’s doing her thing and she looks good! Stop being jealous! You fucks will never look like her!!

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