1. angerinside

    If there were truly a just and fair God, these two would live in FingerSkunk Pennsylvania. She would spend her nights wiping herpes off of brass poles with crumpled singles stuffed in her twat by Fish, while he would be found dead from a drug overdose in the van he lived in that smelled like children’s toys and hate.

  2. coyote

    Who would invite them to a Party?

    • cc

      Actually, if you look closely they appear to simply be standing in a parking lot. So basically it’s a crock or it’s one of those parties where people pass a bottle of malt liquor around behind a 7-11.

  3. loulou38

    For some reason Courtneys face looks different, her nose seems smaller & her facial features have changed! Does anyone know if she had work done? She’s not that attractive as it is & her behavior makes her look even more ugly, sorry but I’m keeping it real. I have no problem giving compliments to women, men ect…. but Courtney is a different story! Also I’ve been thinking about Courtneys parents & how they were ok with their under aged daughter being with someone Dougs age. I hate to say it but Courtney probably was sexually abused by someone in her family, who knows maybe her dad, I know thats horrible to say but come on theres a reason why they use the word minor in order for the parents to make all their kids decisions, since kids aren’t able to. Her parents could have delayed the marriage for a few yrs & then give their blessings. I know age is just a # but something like this it should be a big deal.

    • Tron

      You must be new. You’re over thinking this – she’s a whore, and he’s a pedo – no sense in trying to look for logic. (ps: LOTS OF PLASTIC SURGERY ON THAT FACE, yep yep).

  4. Pickles

    Meanwhile, at EDC…

  5. ghost

    She looks like that chick from Married with Children. Still ugly, but in a different way.

  6. Kess

    I’m pretty sure they can’t afford plastic surgery.

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