1. JoJojojo

    Putting the XXX back into Xmas

  2. Oblivia

    She actually looks fuckable in some of these pictures; it must be the makeup!
    To everyone who says they wouldn’t fuck her: REALITY CHECK. This chick, even with her bad makeup, is still ten times hotter than the fat fucks walking around your suburb.

  3. quazify

    then to everyones shock they were carried away by the abominable snowman and never heard from again….and the world rejoiced

  4. Jim

    LOL Who cares. DOUG is 51 and tapping that!!!! GO DOUG!!!!

  5. I know you whore but what am I? Game on Zombie Morgan Fairchild!

  6. Give it a shove, Doug. Slam it into the tree.

  7. Shugar Fox

    I’d fuck her if she kept her fuckn mouth closed and didn’t say a word.

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