1. Fishballs

    Merry Christmas, Jesus! Hope you like A.I.D.S!

  2. Max

    Deck the whores…

  3. CK

    Worst. Stocking. Stuffer. Ever.

  4. Toe Jam

    I think we are all going to learn, sooner or later, that this woman is a goddamn genius. Never mind the haters, sweety…see how this works for Kim Kardashian…they can’t stop talking about her ($$$).

  5. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’m suddenly turned off by the idea of snorting coke off of sluts.

  6. anonymous

    Chick’s snow-covered nipples point toward her chin.

  7. Moo Cow Hunter

    Shouldn’t the DEA be looking into this? That’s a lot of coke.

  8. bbiowa

    All I want for Christmas is my two fake teats.

  9. Mama Pinkus

    granted, I am a 55 year old gal, but I SWEAR there is nothing even remotely sexy about this wretched creature, no matter HOW HARD SHE TRIES

  10. Vlad

    She’d be pretty if it wasn’t for her face.

  11. I’m moving from hatred to apathy with this woman.

  12. BbyBluThghHghs

    She proves that being blonde-haired, big-boobed, young, and slender doesn’t make you sexy. Chick is nasty.

  13. Buster

    Daddy FAIL.

    I’ve seen her on Couples Therapy. She’s clearly confused overt sexuality with femininity and has tied her sense of self to blatantly over-sexualizing herself. Sadly, like most drag queens, she’s turned herself in to a caricature of a woman.

  14. rubbydubby

    Stop posting pictures of this nothing tramp.

  15. Tim

    You’re all idiots. I just came.

  16. Manti

    I know y’all are always hating on her, but i think she’s hot! She’s way hotter than most of your gf’s.

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