1. YoMamma

    I knew that gold bangle was gonna have to be surgically removed from her upper arm eventually. A hell of an improvement, I say!

  2. Yep

    huge improvement. let her eyebrows grow in, got rid of that pornstar makeup foundation, ditched that skin-pink lipstick, and took it easy on the eyeliner.

    sigh. i’m what happens when straight dudes watch too much TV.

  3. quoi?

    way better.

  4. I spy a brand new honker as well. It’s still a hideous beast. Bet you all $100 it has hairy nipples.

  5. Romi

    that kitchen is gross.

  6. amanda

    “Comeon Heff, I look *just like* Pam Anderson! Pick me, pick me!!”

  7. BAHAH

    Nose job
    Cheek implants
    Fixed teeth

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