1. lily

    looks like her same scary self

  2. Alexggb

    Who applied her make up? Steve Wonder?

  3. Ashley

    Still looks constipated. It’s not the make up or the surgery. It’s the whole “I’m concentrating on my movement” face.

  4. Assembled in America. May contain parts made in China.

  5. Fourtney

    Man, she turned into Lindsay Lohan faster than Lindsay Lohan turned into Lindsay Lohan.

  6. Nick

    Leave Britney Alone!

  7. Carla

    Still looks like a 40-something part-time porn star soccer mom.

  8. Chi Chi

    looks like lip injections, bright blue contacts and a fake beauty mark

  9. Berta

    Lips done, and they’re lined WAY outside!!

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