1. Jezebel

    Doug got matching cheek implants? Couples that splay together stay together.

  2. He’s smiling like a proud gay stylist.

  3. richie

    creepy doug – life imitating art.

  4. Bob

    I see it now: she got his nose, right?

  5. This is going to end in a murder-suicide. Not a joke. Something about those two together gives me a very uneasy feeling.

    Separately, they’d be annoying but harmless douchebags. Together? All bad.

  6. Looks like the world’s sleaziest ventriloquist act.

  7. hmmmm

    now she actually looks hot, not like the &^$% porn star she tried to be, I wonder if doug is her pimp? I wonder how much he has spent just fixing her or if her mom actually has some dignity and wanted her sweet little girl to look like the young lady she is supposed to be, not a 8in heel slut.

  8. kp

    Wonder if they will let her do playboy now

  9. Shelby

    Her husband is fuckin’ creepy!

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