1. Tony

    Classic Buffalo Bill pose. Awesome job!

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “This is for you, Doug, and only you . . . Whoops! I accidentally mailed the photos to Playboy and Victoria Secret with a note that said “Please hire me!” Butterfingers.”

  3. CuriousTroll

    What talent! It takes a lot of brain power to do this task.

  4. A. Is she tucking?
    B. Lace is not a good idea when you are trying to hide your chicken cutlets. (hint, we can see through it…)
    C. Stop this nonsense, now.

  5. So TRUE

    She is not that bad, at least she has a personality, and it’s endearing, now that skank Paris or the Kardashians can go to hell!

  6. She actually has a pretty nice body. I just wish she’d stop with the padding.

  7. Pete Nice


    Who the hell is this ugly person, and why do you guys keep posting pics of this ugly monster?

  8. Does photoshop not work on blotchy weird legs?

  9. She looks so much older in the face than she is, what is she going to do when she hits 30? Too much make up, too much blonde and too much boob.

  10. i love random sluts

    Who is this bee-atch anyway? She looks like Lorenzo lamas ex. Oh right, this is that chic that married the midget a-hole guard from the green mile when she was like 12 & he was old enough to be her pedaphilic grand-pappy. She probably thinks all nuts hang to mid thigh & have gray hair.

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