1. more importantly than a 65 year old woman jogging in heels, who is the douche baggery next to her in that oversized suit. jesus christ this chick is just, gross looking.

  2. This is the best pic ever.

  3. So, if you need discreet security for your nearly naked jog down the street, call Blues Brothers Security.

    “We’re on a mission from God. Or a coffee run. Whatev’s.”

  4. Kitty

    haha, I agree best picture ever!

  5. “Homeward Bound 3: The Incredibly Stupid Journey”

    I imagine her voice over will be done by one of those wind-up monkeys that bangs cymbals together.

  6. tom

    Will you please stop publishing those fake paparazzi pictures ? No one cares about that fake bitch.

  7. bob

    Pull that idiot’s sack suit over his head hockey jersey-style and then beat the shit out of him.

  8. BAHAH

    Who the fuck is that guy? I recognize him from one of her music videos, of like, 2+ years ago?

  9. Bot

    Who the F is this? That Heidi Spidey chick?

  10. peter pantsless

    Justin Long’s career really took a nosedive.

  11. This dude is security? He will protect her from what, exactly? He is imposing, I must say.

  12. Jen

    I cant tell what expression I see more on this poor gods face, shame or hatred.

  13. Keyser Soze

    Say what you want, you’d still fuck the stupid out of her..she’s alot of things, but ugly ain’t one of em(unless we’re talking personality)

  14. chim

    she has a clown face for sure, but her body is pretty damn good. nice gams and feet. would fuck

  15. You're all idiots

    She’s barefoot for Christ’s sake? No?

  16. H8U

    Two things, Superficial.

    One, where are the heels? I see zero. She’s barefoot, fuckass.

    Two, that’s the most awesome fucking security I’ve ever seen. It’s like he put on his dad’s suit.

    • NineInchNailed

      No need to be a douchebag – she IS wearing stripper heels in the first 2 pictures and in the last shot (the one with the ass). In the other ones she took them off because running barefoot on hot asphalt is a lot better but is obviously holding them in her right hand.

  17. all these comments are fuckin hilarious!

  18. Montana

    OK, this is it for me. This HAS to be a gag. Or some kind of performance art meta-statement on fame.

    She has officially velcro-d every fucking possible Hollywood cliche imaginable to her Dr.-Drew-is-in-on-it fake boobs.

  19. Spring Heeled Jim

    The dog…look at the fucking dog…

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