1. Grace

    OMG she is so stupid looking…she looks like she’s 50 already…OH…and I am sure PETA will be thrilled with what she did to that poor dog…pink hair…do you see that PETA??!!

  2. Keyser Soze

    Uh, what? She’s stupid looking in quite a few of her ‘older’ pics, but she’s far from that here- like her or hate her, she’s got a fuckin smokin body, and she damn sure doesn’t look ’50′ here… how you could even make that leap is beyond me…. Jealous much?

    • M

      Why the fuck is it that every time one is disagreeing with someone else over a persons look, one is supposed to be “jealous”?! This retarded little slutty kid looks retarded in every fucking picture she takes. Who the fuck would be jealous over a 17-year-old looking like a 40 year-old expired porn actress ?!?!?!?!???

  3. Dr Plaid

    This latest episode of the ‘Courtney Stodden Show’ proves that it is all a giant publicity stunt. I believe she is literally performing as this character and she is going to come out one day looking perfectly normal and speaking like she has a brain and tell us it has all been a huge piece of performance art. Everything about her is so over the top and ridiculous there is no other explanation. This guy in the David Byrne suite is the final proof. If it’s not really all a joke then these two would be too stupid to find the door to not see what a douche bag he looks like.
    Also, notice how there is always a paparazzi around to catch her latest wacky adventure? I’m telling you, this is the best punk ever!

  4. Vicki

    boo! peta sucks.

  5. Skeets

    MOAR, this bitch hawt!

    And no she doesn’t look 40 years, and no she’s not too skinny, and I wish the Paps would follow her MOAR!

    Women, you should strive to look like this one. It would be a happier world. Kthxbye

  6. Nyan

    Katie Price looks classy compared to this

  7. anon

    is she seriously going for a “jog” in ugly shit heels and fuckin booty shorts? LOL

  8. So...

    Is that her only pair of shoes? She’s wearing them in every pic I’ve seen of her. Someone should call CPS, Doug’s neglecting the clothing portion of his fatherly duties.

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