1. JANE

    you have just GOT to be kidding me.

  2. Now here’s a chick who claims to be underaged but looks 30; I really need crazy ass Tony’s take on this before i know how to feel.

  3. Auston

    The mother is the blonde one, correct?

  4. spartacus

    What is this all about? Paparazzi shots? Documentary stills? I wanna take that cheese grater to her face

  5. KC

    The recipe calls for 2 D-Cups of sugar.

  6. What is wrong with this girl? Seriously, wrong.with.this.girl????

  7. Dr. Bill

    Repulsive whore. I hope she gets the Wonder Bread of all yeast infections

  8. Dingo

    The creature commonly known as “Courtney Stodden” is actually a form of lesser demon / imp; those who view it see all that it wrong with the media in his or her society. For instance, if you showed this picture to a North Korean, he or she would actually see Kim Jong Il making scrambled eggs.

    • Myslinky

      Hmm funny, If I had to go with a demon creature for her I would have gone with succubus not imp, but maybe Im just a romantic .

  9. Oh dear

    The mom looks ten years younger then her.

  10. alex

    her top’s too big…. in every single photo i see of her, she is deliberately trying to look bigger bosomed…. if you see her cleavage carefully you can see her boobs end a lot higher than the hang of her breasts.

    • Jack Ketch

      What rots ME is that she’s still insisting they’re real … that’s how painfully stupid she is. Like we can’t tell. And now the new nose. Total horseshit. Why have they no shame ???

  11. Pam

    OMFG!!! Someone needs to slap her mother!

  12. Tron

    I dont see a problem here. Seriously. I like whores.

  13. These are the worst humans.

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