1. biff

    Nice unibrow you cro-magnon looking bitch

  2. alleycat

    yeah….that scripture she quoted was in reference to whether or not you should circumcise little boys (ie. do manual work) on the Sabbath. In both contexts….I’m not sure she’s getting the point.

  3. Halfbreed

    I don’t get it…is she trying to look like she just shit those pumpkins? The thing I question, besides this girls mental stability and age, is why the knee high, white, platforms? They don’t go with the outfit. I mean, if you’re going to walk out in public in an outfit that means parents are going to have to explain anatomy because your vagina and tits are hanging out of your shorts, at least match the shoes to the outfit.

  4. Tim

    Maybe if you guys quit posting stupid shit like this this ugly broad will just go away. Shes ugly now so shes only going to get older and uglier no one knows or cares about this thing

  5. freak show

    Is she a stripper or a prostitute or what do strippers and prostitutes wear to distinguish themselves these days?

  6. Those pumpkins fell out of her uterus.

  7. Nick

    Why do I get the feeling that Doug is going to pull a mask off and reveal that this was Speidi’s greatest fame troll yet

  8. Melissa

    okay, I got it, new title: “WHORTNEY DOES THE PUMPKIN PATCH”!

  9. After collecting a dollar from everyone at the pumpkin patch……

  10. almightyyoshi

    So that’s where pumpkins come from.

  11. titsonsnack

    Her outfit sucks to begin with of course but those retarded boots don’t even go with it. Who, outside of transvestites, wears shit like that for real. Even trannies don’t wear it “for real”.

  12. suckahpleez

    Skank looks like she just gave birth to all those pumpkins. What a very unattractive tranny

  13. Stan the Man, no one can

    Giving drag queens bad names…

  14. I swear i’m going to hunt you up, Fish, and punch you in the face for these photosets and stories. I hate this bitch. God.

    • bj

      How do you hunt someone “up?” Is it the opposite of hunting someone down? Either way, I don’t think Fish has much to worry about.

  15. Vandinz

    Wait? That thing is only 16? Fuck me!

  16. layhertease

    Or maybe Doug’s moral concern over playing such a role is just his way of subliminally admitting to everybody that his “teen bride” is actually a 47 year old whore bag (as everybody pretty much already assumes). “No, really you guys, I’m actually against marrying underage children. My wife is really so old that she’s already going through menopause. I just agreed to pretend that she’s only 16 so we could get a juicy reality TV gig.”

  17. Charro

    She needs to back up just a bit further…those agaves can have some NASTY spines on them!

  18. Dox

    “I see your ping pong balls Winona, and raise you pumpkins….”

  19. meeester

    Sure is a sweet natural smile….and her also

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