1. Lee

    she has a nice body but her face looks like like shes 40 trying to look 25!


    aka, Courtney Stodden goes for a walk with a surfboard to fame whore it up on an LA County beach…

  3. Oscar

    Do her feet not go flat? Why is she always walking like she is in high heels? It’s like she has perma-Barbie foot.

  4. mrsmass

    i love how she has no shame even if her chicken cutlets are hanging out the bottom of the bathingsuit top.

  5. rican

    Carrying the board just like a real surfer would

  6. Mel Sharples

    This chick proves it takes more than big tits to get famous. It’s not happening. The Kardashian lightning isn’t going to strike twice (no talent chick gets famous just because of her huge ass or tits).

  7. NOI

    When her feet touches ground, the earth’s going to KABOOM

  8. R

    Looks like she finally got implants

  9. Is she wearing invisible stripper heels? Or have her feet just frozen in that position?

  10. sweetlips

    Lose the ridiculous armband

  11. mark

    She’s a trainwreck and very unappealing.

  12. vgirly

    She’s still wearing those chicken cutlets to make her boobs look bigger. The zoom function confirmed it for me. Don’t tell me your sugar daddy can’t afford them for you?

  13. will dent


  14. Arm Cuff? The 90′s called…

  15. MissBoelyn

    How many more times is this dumb twat going to go out in bikinis where her bra-stuffing is showing? fuck. every single pic I see of this chick, you can see her wonderbra components.

  16. Audrey Jo

    SO she was 16/17 in the “dear Santa” shoot?
    I should stop thinking my college’s son girlfriend is a slut.

  17. Scott Disick's love child

    Who the fuck is this whore??

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