1. Emma

    “Engage kissing protocol”

  2. ah, passion…you just can’t fake it.

  3. Tinka

    Looks like somebody replaced her with a doll in this picture. Or then she just turns into one whenever he tries to kiss her.

  4. neen

    That’s love.

  5. Eugene

    Can he look any more desperate, can she look any less disinterested?

  6. Beltliner

    Doug Hutchison to star in 2012 remake of “Lars and the Real Girl.”

  7. Deacon Jones

    Careful Doug. They look pretty life-like but once you break their necks, those life sized dolls just don’t look at you the same way when you’re having sex. They give you this, cocky sideways look that says “Oh. You again”

  8. The Royal Penis

    Ahhhhh….the picture of emotional well being and health.

  9. I knew it! She’s a Stepford house wife. There is no other logical reason why she would look like plastic and talk like a trashy romance novel.

  10. karlito

    is this her audition tape for “Jurassic Cock”.

  11. Jentilly

    Wow those real sex dolls are really realistic

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